The Years

David and I have had conversations lately expressing to one another how we feel we’ve lived a lifetime of experiences in three years. (Actually over the past six overseas, however, the past three have been in fast forward mode)

There have been high’s, low’s, funny instances, bloopers and just daily life.  We’ve written 327 blogs since our return in November 2012.  Below highlights some of the roller coaster aspects.


We’ve seen a new aircraft arrive to be used in advancing translation and watched an older aircraft get shipped off.  We’ve been able to be overflowing with joy as we watch our neighborhood children experience planes up close and experience things just for fun to play with.  We’ve been invited to attend wedding ceremonies.  We’ve been encouraged in different ways.  We’ve seen how the Lord has looked after the little things that make a big difference in our lives.  We’ve been privileged to experience people hearing God’s Word for the first time in their heart language.  In the midst of mourning, we were given encouragement to witness a literacy lesson while waiting at the morgue.  Also in the midst of grieving the Lord has shown His providence. We’ve watched the boys grow.  We’ve learned a lot.


Part of the roller coaster ride are the low points.  We’ve experienced and our lives have been changed by the many (over ten we know personally) who’ve died since our return.  We’ve battled some strange problemsWe’ve battled many illnesses and injuries.  We’ve walked down some rocky paths with others.  David has had to coordinate the repatriation of others.    We’ve struggled and cried – A LOT!  We’ve had different bugs in our food.  We’ve helped a fellow American, who was a complete stranger leave Cameroon after some serious problems with the mission organization she came with.  We’ve also laid aside many of our own desires or comforts to resign ourselves to some hard truths.


Laughing really is the best medicine.  It really helps to laugh and have a sense of humor while on the roller coaster moving up and down the track.  We’ve laughed at ourselves.  We’ve laughed at language bloopers.    We’ve laughed at other people’s expense.  We’ve laughed at unexpected finds.  We’ve laughed at the habits we’ve developed.  We’ve laughed at our under garment buying experience.

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1 Response to The Years

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I do believe you’ve had a lifetime of experiences. And you are getting ready to turn a page and begin a new set of experiences. Through it all remember how much we love you. And, remember God loves you infinitely more.

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