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This is a blog that is updated by David and DeAnna Anderson.  This blog chronicles their family’s daily interactions preparing to leave the USA to live overseas, their one-year of French language learning in France, their five years of living and working in Yaounde, Cameroon, as well as, all the up’s and down’s along the way. After their huge overseas adventures, they are now supporting Bible translation from the United States.

This blog is one way for us to share our life with those who are partnering with us through finances and prayers for us.

David’s (abridged) journey to serving with Wycliffe

In 2004 after being challenged to multiply $50 to advance the Kingdom of God, David found a group of Bible translators that needed two new laptops.  God provided the $850 to get the laptops for the Kona language project in Sierra Leone. Not only was God’s language being translated into the Kona heart language, but David’s heart had been broken for the Bibleless people around the world.

Moving through life at a steam engine pace, David was stopped in his tracks one day at his desk at work when he saw that IT (Information Technology) Missionaries were needed immediately on the mission field. He felt God shared with him that this is what God has been training him for. Go and serve.

As we prepared for our first training with Wycliffe, a letter arrived in the mail that those two laptops that were sent to Sierra Leone had been used to finish the translation. They were in the process of celebrating the dedication of the New Testament in the Kona language.

After serving five years in Yaounde, Cameroon as the Computer Services Manager for seven months and the Director of Administration and Finance for SIL Cameroon a partner organization working together with Wycliffe Bible Translators for the remaining four and one half years, he now helps people engage with the Bible by leading a tech support team for the YouVersion Bible app.

DeAnna’s (abridged) journey to serving with Wycliffe

DeAnna was an avid Talk Radio listener when one day in 2006 her regular program was replaced with The Dave Ramsey Show (a Christian Financial Counselor).  She wasn’t very happy about the replacement and decided to listen in order to hopefully convince the radio station why her regular program should be returned to the air waves.  While listening, God used The Dave Ramsey radio program to convict her of the piling debt we had in our lives.  On a trip to the airport, DeAnna introduced David to The Dave Ramsey Show and that weekend David read The Total Money Makeover and we got on board The Dave Ramsey Plan.  Through God’s blessings, hard work, selling many possessions and changing our mindset; we were able to pay off $38,000 of consumer debt in 15 months.  One of the first questions Wycliffe asked during the initial application process was if we had any debt beyond our homes and we could proudly say, “No” and share our story.

There are numerous ways God has showed me what He wants for my life from prayer to Billboard signs to children barely escaping certain injury to dreams and so much more.  He is glorious!

After serving fives years in Yaounde, Cameroon in various roles (Interim Librarian, PE Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, Orientation Coordinator, Homeschooler and other roles) she now encourages and coaches new Wycliffe members as a Launch Coordinator.  She serves on a team who provides comprehensive care for new members from the first day they join Wycliffe until they complete their entire first assignment.

6 Responses to About Us

  1. Connie Painter says:

    Love the updates, sounds like God is opening doors and windows!

  2. Peggy R. Brumfield says:

    My plan is to donate to your ministry regulary. I am just truly blessed at your family’s actions. You have stepped out there on faith. I hope you are ready for the blessings God has in store…pressed down, shaken together and running over! God bless your family!!

  3. Jeff And Kacy Pollard (Whitney (10), Amy (8), baby Brayden David (due 2.4.14!!!) says:

    Kacy and I and our daughters Whitney and Amy, and soon to be son Brayden David (we are due Feb. 4th!) are members at DCC. I am passionate about supporting you prayerfully and Lord Willing, financially, as He leads. So proud of you and your work you do for Christ in Cameroon! We plan on holding the ropes for you on a more regular basis and would love to come and visit!

    Jeff, Kacy, Whitney, Amy, (and baby Brayden) Pollard

    P.S. Happy Birthday David!!!!!

  4. Tanzalongs says:

    Interesting blog – especially as we are on the move to Tanzania this summer, where I am taking up a job as a teacher.

  5. aimingtobegreen says:

    I have recently started a new blog http://everydaypeopleoftheworld.wordpress.com/ and having read your blog I think that you are someone who would be excellent to feature.
    The aim behind this site as a result is to conduct a short interview with a variety of people to show people throughout the world’s hopes, fears, loves and hates. Who are these 7-billion people who inhabit this rock going round the sun? What do we all have in common? What difficulties can we all face together?
    In my simple mind, the more we learn about each other, the more we highlight that we’re all just people then the less chance there is that we’ll turn guns and words of hate upon on another. It’s a simple dream, but we have a lot of people so let’s get started………
    If you’d like to feature on the site, then please get in touch via the contact page.’
    Do you think this is something you or anyone you know would be interested in? The idea is not for profit in anyway, the simple aim is to break some stigma and stereotypes.
    Many thanks for reading
    Claire Allen

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