In Remembrance

We lost a friend and co-worker, Bob, on February 4th.  There have been and are many logistical things that have had to and have to be done.  David has been responsible for the logistics of re-patriation and all the necessary paperwork.

Things are quite different here than in our passport country.  When one is in the midst of grief, it makes the learning curve and differences much harder to traverse.  Since paperwork takes time and visas for loved ones to travel to Cameroon takes time, Bob’s memorial service was held on February 27th.  It was a wonderful service celebrating Bob’s life and glorifying the Lord.

Bob(Bob is sitting on the left hand side of picture)

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2 Responses to In Remembrance

  1. Pop-pop says:

    It is never easy to say goodbye to someone we love. When it comes suddenly, it is even more disconcerting. We find comfort, however, in celebrating the memories of their life; and we find joy in knowing that we shall meet again. Our prayers are with you in the “in between time”.

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