Poor Air Quality

We are in the midst of a weather phenomenon known as Harmattan.  We’ve been having cooler nights and mornings, which is nice, however, we’re also having dust clouds constantly blowing dust around us at all times and we’re inhaling this dust all the time.  We literally have to wipe the table down before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner so we don’t have the bottoms of our arms covered in dust and we have to wipe the table down afterwards too.  Everything is covered in a layer of dust no matter how many times you clean, wipe and mop daily.  Sophie was saying that this year has been the worst she can remember air quality wise and temperature wise.  Our poor Jonah has asthma and the dust is causing him to have asthmatic issues, which scares me (DeAnna)!  It also causes many people to become ill.

In the mornings, one can see the dust clouds in comparison to the regular blue sky.  I finally caught it with our camera.

Harmattan Cloudsharmattan dustharmattan

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3 Responses to Poor Air Quality

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Praying for Jonah and for you all as you go through this time. May the breath of God fill your lungs not only with fresh air to breathe but with more of Him.

  2. mcwissel says:

    May God bring you all relief from the dusty air soon!

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