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One Week of Applications

As I (David) work with the YouVersion Bible app, the team I work with is constantly looking at the quality of support that we provide to our users. Our team recently changed our goal of responding from 24 hours to … Continue reading

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What If?

I think at some time in our lives we ask ourselves what if questions.  What if I would have gone down that road instead of this one?  What would my life have been like if I were born in a … Continue reading

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The Great Eclipse, Charlie Brown

If you live or tune into news in North America, you have probably been bombarded with the Great American Eclipse news for several weeks now.  Today was the day…August 21, 2017. I will admit, I didn’t get as excited as … Continue reading

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Cameroon Near and Far

The last blog shared how we originally thought we would be in Cameroon for a long time, but things changed.  It was hard to leave because it felt like we weren’t following through and that a door was being closed, … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

When our family left for Cameroon in 2009, we thought that would be our new permanent home.  David and I truly thought we would be Cameroon at least until the boys were ready for college.  When our health declined and … Continue reading

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Joyeux Anniversaire

How is it possible that he’s 14! Below are some fun facts about this incredible boy/young man. He’s lived on three continents. He can understand fluently in two languages, but will only speak in one. He’s shy and can stay … Continue reading

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Four Decades

Well, I’m officially 40 years old!  To some of you it’s a surprise that I’m only 40, with my skunk hair and all. I had this big idea that I would come up with 40 tidbits (words of wisdom) for … Continue reading

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