Underwear Troubles

Attention:  this blog contains TMI (Too Much Information) about us.

In our mission community virtually no topic is off limits.  It’s not unusual to talk about bowel problems while sharing a meal.  It’s not unusual to share intimate details about a health issue, because we only have each other to share with or glean from.  So blogging about underwear doesn’t seem unusual (I’ve (DeAnna) blogged before about bras).  I like underwear.  I like the comfort it brings and the support it gives when it fits properly.

Before we left the USA in 2009 to come to Cameroon, we were told in advance to bring lots of underwear that the supply is limited and difficult to find the right fit, plus quite expensive if you buy new not used.  We decided to go to Wal-Mart and stock up.  I tried to predict sizes the boys would grow into so we would have enough to get us through.  In 2012 when we were in the USA briefly, I again spent a crazy amount of money at Wal-Mart on underwear.  This time, my calculations were off and now we are in a bit of an underwear crisis.  Not only is our environment hard on the elastic of our underwear, but it’s hard on the material itself.  Today after thinking I’ve seen it all with underwear deterioration, I saw something new.  Last night when the water was turned back on in our neighborhood and we had electricity, I did laundry.  Since the last load didn’t finish until it was time to go to bed (we can’t keep it in the washing machine because we have to unplug the machine to protect it), I didn’t have the energy to hang up the last load around the house and decided to put it into the laundry basket.  This morning I started hanging up the laundry on the lines outside when I uncovered ants feasting on our underwear (mine in particular).  The ants here are horrible and won’t die – we’ve tried every kind of poison and remedy and they won’t die.  Anyway, I shook out the underwear one at a time before hanging it on the line.  I came to a pair the ants seemed particularly fond of and found that they ate little holes in the material of this pair.  It brings a whole new meaning to ants in your pants.

ant infested underwearholey underwear

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10 Responses to Underwear Troubles

  1. Janet Ziegelbaur says:

    That explains a lot — I’ve often wondered where the tiny holes in our clothes come from. Of course, it could be any number of insects who feast on our clothing! I hope you have enough undies to get you through the term without having to find some in the market — shopping for “unmentionables” in the market is not fun.

    • David says:

      Janet what I want to know is why the guy that walks down the street selling underwear stretches it out on a hanger so the elastic is all worn out?

  2. Jill says:

    That’s so crazy!

  3. Pop-pop says:


  4. Barbara says:

    In Texas, Florida, and some other southern states, we have Raspberry Crazy Ants. They are harmless to humans, but love electrical wiring. They race around, with apparently no predetermined destination, but if they get into your electronic devices will have a feast similar to your underware eaters.
    I wonder what the nutritional value of underware and electronics could be for these ants?

  5. Denise DesCombes says:

    I would feel itchy every time I wore them now! LOL!

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