Difficulty Breathing

I know when I (DeAnna) have a cold, especially the kind of cold that blocks my nasal passages, I realize how much I take for granted when I can breath out of both nostrils without obstruction.

When Jonah was a toddler, he underwent eye surgery due to Brown’s syndrome.  When the surgical staff removed the tube in his throat, his airways closed up.  The surgeon came out and told us what happened.  When we saw Jonah for the first time following that surgery his little voice was a raspy whisper.  He continued having wheezing and this raspy problem, so I took him to the pediatrician who referred us onto an allergy and asthma center.  The specialist took her time and was thorough before diagnosing him with asthma.  We started treating him for asthma and started the journey of trying to determine triggers that would induce asthma attacks.  One of the triggers is an upper respiratory infection – the common cold.  I know many parents think I’m weird because I stress out when he gets a cold.  I’m quick to ask him to hold his breath if someone coughs in his direction, wash hands, etc…  In the past when he had an asthma attack he would get breathless and wheezy, which led me to take action.

Over the weekend, Jonah came down with a cold, but it seemed to be a head cold and not settling in his chest.  By Monday night, he was in the midst of a bad asthma attack.  It’s so scary as a parent to watch your child struggle with breathing.  Needless to say, Monday night into Tuesday was horrible as a parent.  Tuesday, with the help of friends in the medical profession, he was able to get his oxygen saturation level up.  We are so thankful that the Lord has given us friends who are so willing to help us in time of medical need, thankful for loved ones quick to fall on their knees in prayer, that the Lord led us to a clinic here that speaks English and seems to have a knowledgeable doctor, and thankful that the Lord has been working in Jonah’s body.  Please continue to pray for Jonah’s breathing and asthma.  That he’ll be able to maintain a good oxygen level and sleep well during the night with deep oxygen-filled breaths.

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4 Responses to Difficulty Breathing

  1. Pop-pop says:

    We haven’t stopped praying. May the breath of the Holy Spirit breathe clean air into Jonah’s airways – and peace into your hearts,knowing God has Jonah (and the rest of you) safely in His arms.

  2. Lisa says:


  3. Barbara says:

    Praying .

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