Clothing Battle

I’ve never had so many clothing issues before.  The environment is so hard on our clothing.  I guess it makes packing lighter.  I’m still having problems with undergarments being chewed on by ants.

I discovered in the past that if I didn’t wear something for quite some time, a mysterious hallow, kidney bean looking thing would attach itself to my piece of clothing.  I removed one abruptly and learned not to do that again since it made a small hole in my shirt where it was attached.  Recently, when I removed a shirt that I haven’t worn in months, I found another one of these appendages and decided to find out more about it.  It’s a cockroach egg.  There are tiny hairlike structures on the left hand side of the egg sack that attaches to the clothing (pictured below).  It’s not a nice thing to find, however, I also find it interesting.

cockroach eggcockroach egg on shirt

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7 Responses to Clothing Battle

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Yuk! I don’t like cockroaches. Can you ever get it clean again?

  2. Barbara says:

    Are you able to safely remove it with water…soaking? You will certainly want to make sure none of these oddities decides to hitch-hike to the USA when you return in a few months. 🐛✈️

  3. David says:

    It’s not a cleanliness issue (believe it or not). Our house gets cleaned daily. It’s more our environment and the way things are constructed. In our environment we don’t have a time of year when things die off like winter time in MO & PA. Pipes from places in our home go to outside junction boxes and cockroaches can enter that way into the home. We have some stuff that works called Roach Prufe that helps a lot, but they still hide in dark places like under the bathtub or behind the area where we store our clothes. Barbara – very few clothes will be brought back due to wear & tear – fading, ant holes, rotten elastic, etc… so no worries about hitch hikers – plus we get sprayed on the airplane before they take off. I think I’ll write a blog about that.

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