I think the mantra for all kids during summer break from school is, “We’re bored!”  In the past I’ve came up with something to learn just to keep the boys occupied, but I promised them we wouldn’t have any type of “school” during this summer break.

The boys enjoy playing in the neighborhood with the neighbor children most of the time.  Yesterday the boys took out crayons and coloring books to share.  At first the older kids grabbed up the coloring books and told me there aren’t enough books for everyone.  I told them that each child needs to look through each coloring book and choose a page from each book that he or she would like to color; they can tear it out, color it and keep it.  There is a boy named Junior who didn’t want to let go of the Superman coloring book.  He asked me if Superman’s wife was in the coloring book.  I asked if he was referring to Wonder Woman.  He then explained that Wonder Woman is his dream wife and he wanted to color as many pages as he could that had her on them.  I chuckled then stood back in awe watching the joy coming from their faces as they colored the pages.


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2 Responses to Coloring

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I never cease to be amazed at your ability to be creative. What a great idea, and a great way to interact witht he neighborhood. We take so much for granted. It looks like Joshua is supervising the work. (And thanks for the pictures, which I never tire of seeing.

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