Who’s Voice is That?

Millions have decided to follow Jesus over the years after watching The Jesus Film in locations around the world! Wycliffe partners with The Jesus Film to translate the script of the film into minority languages. Our guard, Christian, is from an area of Cameroon that is difficult to travel to and even more difficult to travel within due to dense forests and a large, swift flowing river.

There is a couple who have worked on translation of Badwee with the Badwee people for 30 years. They asked Christian and his son, Geovanni, to be voices on The Jesus film in his mother tongue of Badwee. Christian worked diligently for several days reading the script so it can be recorded in his heart language. His son, Geovanni, had the unique privilege to be a voice of young Jesus at the temple in the film. The translators said, “Christian is always cheerful and helpful concerning any needs of the language project.”

There are many challenges in distribution of The Jesus film in Badwee, please join us in praying that The Jesus film, the audio track of Luke and the picture booklets can be distributed without complication.


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3 Responses to Who’s Voice is That?

  1. Pop-pop says:

    That is so cool! We will be praying.

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