Ant Lollipop

I’ve blogged several times about ants.  It’s just that the ants here are unreal and come out of every crack in the wall, floor and door.

The boys have learned that when they unwrap a lollipop to first look to see if ants are in/on the lollipop.  Jonah was doing this the other day when it dawned on me this is not something we’ve ever done in the USA or France, so I decided to blog about it.

The lollipops are tightly wrapped in the wrapper, so it’s not that there is a loose wrapper on these lollipops allowing ample opportunity for the ants to invade.  The boys have licked to the center of a lollipop before to discover an ant center.

This particular lollipop did have an ant resident, however, the ant was dead.


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5 Responses to Ant Lollipop

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Personally, I think I’d forego lollipops. But how could you say that to the boys. Just have to be vigilant ant-seekers I guess

  2. Lisa says:

    Safe to say that ant died of a sugar overdose! Yuck…

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