Abandoned Baby

Call it whatever you want to – an adventure, never a dull moment or for me, DeAnna, sometimes it’s just overwhelming.  Our house helper, Sophie, came on Monday with a heavy heart.  She explained that a 6 week old baby had been abandoned by his young mom.  There is a lengthy background story of how this young woman who is a stranger ended up in Sophie’s home, but I won’t go into it.  Sophie explained that the baby hadn’t eaten since Friday and she tried giving the baby some water from a spoon.  Sophie wanted us to take the baby.  I said we would take the baby to give the baby proper care while waiting for an orphanage to take the baby.  Sophie was happy to be told about orphanages who could take the baby.  I purchased newborn baby formula and some bottles and Sophie quickly went to her home to give the baby a bottle.  Sophie was able to arrange with a Christian orphanage here for the baby to be taken to a hospital to have an IV started and the orphanage caretakers would go to the hospital and take the baby once the baby is ready physically.  As I asked more questions, it broke my heart to discover that since the mother abandoned the baby and there weren’t any other nursing mom’s around to feed the baby and since this young mom isn’t family, culturally it’s okay to just leave the baby.  A colleague shared how there was a similar situation in the village they live in and the baby in their village died.  My heart is broken for this baby and his missing young mom who we think has postpartum depression. There are aspects to living in a different culture I can never wrap my mind around and won’t adapt to.  This morning in my devotional it was about a struggle a missionary (the author) had in trying to discern when to adapt to the culture she’s living in and when not to adapt.

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2 Responses to Abandoned Baby

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I can’t imagine the pain someone must be in to leave a child at a doorstep. I am so thankful for your willingness to assist. God chose just the right person to whom Sophie could come. You are making a difference in Sophie’s life – and a difference in the life of the young baby you are assisting. Though it is very hard, and sometimes hard to see, God is using you greatly. Thank you for being His vessel.

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