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Yesterday at church there was a woman visiting who was from Poland.  She doesn’t speak much English, yet she came to our suburban church to worship.  After the singing and announcements, Pastor Roger took his place to begin the message.  … Continue reading

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Wedding Time

We were able to attend a wedding this weekend and we are learning that in Cameroon weddings are very expensive, mainly because of the number of people that are needed to be fed and also it means that the bride … Continue reading

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Down By the Riverside

This afternoon we were able to attend a baptism of 14 young people, most of them missionary kids and 2 Cameroonians. It was encouraging to hear them share with all those by the riverside and the many cars that drove … Continue reading

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Video from the Anderson’s

This video was played at Deerbrook Covenant Church July 25, 2010.

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Important dates

There are many important dates that I need to remember, some with a higher degree of importance. My wedding anniversary, family members birthdays, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day (almost forgot this one this year) and another date that has special meaning … Continue reading

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Useless to Useful

Today in church I was having a hard time following exactly what was being preached on, the joys of attending church in French. I understood the main point he was getting at because I followed along when he read the … Continue reading

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I’m thankful for the invention of Skype. We are able to see family and friends back in the states and they are able to see us and seeing someone face to face makes them almost feel like they are in … Continue reading

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Answered Prayers

Today was a special day for me today as I sat in church. My prayers before church have been “Lord please open my ears that I may understand the French and hear the message that you have prepared for me” … Continue reading

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Impossible Things

I read this this morning and was encouraged how God uses ordinary people to do what seems impossible.  I love how God will use anything that will bring Him Glory. God does use the ordinary to do the impossible. He … Continue reading

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It was a great week at Vacation Bible School for the boys at Swatara Church of God. We made it to PA from MO with 45 minutes to spare before the first night started. Our kids had a blast and … Continue reading

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