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Trim Time

Shortly after arriving in France I was looking out our kitchen window and noticed that there was a team of men swinging from the trees. I’m glad the boys didn’t see them or they might have thought this is an … Continue reading

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Video from the Anderson’s

This video was played at Deerbrook Covenant Church July 25, 2010.

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Building Bridges

Playing in the sandbox behind our apartment has become a great place for us to practice our French and also interact with our neighbors. It has also allowed us the opportunity to see how French parents interact with their children. … Continue reading

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Pharmacy Fun

This afternoon marked the day to look at filling our mountain of prescriptions so we can start the anti-malaria medicine next week.   After David returned home from school he took the boys to the park to play ball and I … Continue reading

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Language Lesson #324

This week was a special week in France, La Fête du Cinéma, and according to the advertisement that we received from the city we live in all movies were only 3 euros! That’s more then half off the regular adult … Continue reading

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This week Jonah was very insistent on taking his Bible Cover to school. We asked why he wanted to take it so bad, and he finally shared that he wanted to tell his friend K about Noah’s ark and there … Continue reading

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We are having warm weather and I’ve been hungry for Jello. I haven’t found Jello in the grocery store, but I found Gelée au Madère.  There is a picture on the front of the box with things in a gelatin … Continue reading

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Dodge ball

The other day we were all playing dodge ball outside our apartment and a young French boy around Jonah’s age was watching us and we invited him to join. I was joking with DeAnna and asked if we should teach … Continue reading

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There are many different foods that can be purchased in the stores here that are not easily available in the United States. The problem is that just eating the food alone might not be how the French desired the food … Continue reading

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How to tell time (take 2)

This is DeAnna and I’ve been keeping a “Misadventures with DeAnna” count and I have another entry.  Last week I met with my new language partner for the first time. In school I learned to tell time in French by … Continue reading

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