Impossible Things

I read this this morning and was encouraged how God uses ordinary people to do what seems impossible.  I love how God will use anything that will bring Him Glory.

prayerphoto_pt_1God does use the ordinary to do the impossible. He takes our hesitant “except” and uses it for His extraordinary purpose for our good and His Glory. “Lord, I have nothing except…it’s very little, but you are in the business of the impossible.”

Is anything too hard for the Lord? The simple answer is NO!

…Many times in Scripture we are reminded that God does not do things our way…An eighty-year-old to lead a million moaning people to a better land! A prostitute in the royal line of Jesus! An adulterous murderer who became a man after God’s own heart! …God is the God of the unexpected and impossible. At times as I have desperately “gathered the jugs and bowls” I wondered if God’s anointing oil could possibly fill this jar of clay. Personal experience has taught me that His Word is true and faithful.

During two weeks of non-stop prayer at Hutt City (Crossroads) three seven-year-old girls approached Sheryn Adamson. Amber, one of the girls, told Sheryn the mother of her friend did not want her to go to Kids’ Club anymore. Amber prompted her friend to explain the situation. “My mum doesn’t like God,” E told Sheryn. It was the same with the young girl’s Nana. “If you bring a bible into my house I’ll throw it in the rubbish,” she had informed her little granddaughter. A short time later Sheryn saw them on their knees – one had her hands clasped, all with heads bowed, obviously fervently praying their little hearts out!

Next week the three little friends rushed up to Sheryn, “It’s worked! It’s worked! E’s mum is getting to like God. E saw her reading a Bible, then she closed her eyes and was praying. She’s going to let E come to Kids’ Club – it worked – it worked!”

A few weeks later I was invited to speak at the launch of Miramar’s 24-7 Prayer. Because children were present I told the story of the girl at Hutt City. I asked if there as a seven-year-old girl present and one child timely raised her hand. During the week I visited Miramar again and in their Prayer Room was shown the prayer wall. On it was scrawled in childish handwriting: Please God let F’s mummy let her go to Tuesday JAM and church. (JAM stands for Jesus and Me.) I was told that F’s family is Muslim.

Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Now there’s a challenge for our quite time with God. It could radically change our prayer life, our church, our community and even our nation.

Excerpt taken from chapter 10 of White Cloud Soaring by Judith Bennett: the story of how eighteen months of 24-7 Prayer has transformed the Salvation Army in New Zealand.

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