Yesterday at church there was a woman visiting who was from Poland.  She doesn’t speak much English, yet she came to our suburban church to worship.  After the singing and announcements, Pastor Roger took his place to begin the message.  David slipped out of our row and went to sit next to the Polish woman.  He used the YouVersion Bible App to find Polish and looked up the Scripture reference so she could read the Bible in her heart language.  He also translated the bulletin into Polish the best he could.

I sat in our row next to Joshua reflecting on the times when we sat in church services not understanding what was being said and what was going on.  I praise the Lord for Bible translation and for the YouVersion Bible App that makes God’s Word accessible in thousands of languages at our fingertips.

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3 Responses to Polish

  1. Larry Seguin says:

    Cool, does David speak some Polish?

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