Answered Prayers

Today was a special day for me today as I sat in church. My prayers before church have been “Lord please open my ears that I may understand the French and hear the message that you have prepared for me” and today after many months of attending church and even praying the previous prayer in French I was able to understand the vast majority of the preachers sermon today. Merci Jésus! (thank you Jesus) He preached on Mark 6:7-13 about sending the disciples out to tell people to repent and turn to God. I’ve read this section many times over the last year as I thought about the faith of the disciples going without extra clothing or food or any extra money but God will provide. I’ve been able to see how God provides first hand and I thought about that as he preached today.

He then went on to share about the missionaries that the church supports as the church is part of the EBM (European Baptist Mission) We then prayed for two missionary families that are currently serving in Cameroon. I was encouraged to hear of the work that they were doing and that they were in CAMEROON (Cameroun – French spelling)!

My second prayer that I have selfishly been praying is for God to send more French speaking workers into the mission fields. I know that God is changing our hearts as He changes our tongues to speak a new language and nowhere did I ever read that it was going to be easy, plus God loves to use the weak to shame the mighty (check out I Corinthians 1:27) and boy to I feel weak some days. The pastor announced that he would be serving with the EBM in francophone AFRICA and is currently working out all the details. Merci Jésus for sending a native French speaking missionary whose tongue does not need to be changed but has a heart that is broken for those that have never heard the story that many of us celebrated over the last few days as we remembered the birth of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Pop-Pop says:

    What a powerful word! God is truly working to help you understand (as we knew only He could do). We continue to pray as you continue to listen to and for Him.

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