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Video from the Anderson’s

This video was played at Deerbrook Covenant Church July 25, 2010.

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Cultural Differences

When Joshua was playing at the sandbox he was sharing his sand toys with another little French boy and they were both building roads for their pretend trucks to drive on. They were very intent on building the best sand … Continue reading

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From the mouth of an MK (Missionary Kid)

Last night our family looked at pictures from the past 10 years.  One of the pictures was the home we sold in Pleasant Hill, MO.  Jonah looked at the picture and asked, “When do we get to go back to … Continue reading

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I thought I would try something new with the boys when we moved to help them with all the upcoming moves we have. I’m hopeful that this will help ease some of the stress and anxiety they have with relocating. … Continue reading

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Road Trip

The road trip to the Windy city came and went as fast as the wind blows off Lake Michigan. We were gone 38 hours and spent 20 of those hours on the road in the silver bullet, that’s the nick … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Joshua did an awesome job at putting some tears in daddy’s eyes and also managed to squeeze in a request to go to Worlds of Fun in his Father’s Day card this year. Jonah also did a great job of … Continue reading

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Cricket in the wall

Normally the chirp of a cricket doesn’t wake me up or bother me in the least, but last night I started noticing a chirp every few seconds that sounded like it was right beside the bed around 3 am. During … Continue reading

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Google in Sub-Saharan Africa

Google is always working to improve their Gmail which I have used for years and even forward my other email accounts to my Gmail account. Today, I read about another cool feature that was developed in Africa and they explain … Continue reading

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God’s Creation

On the 6th day God created the Woodlouse, also known as a roly-poly. This wonder of creation loves to play in damp dark places. I remember growing up that they loved to hang out by the backdoor and when they … Continue reading

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Swimming Lessons

The boys swimming lessons were canceled last week because the pump at the pool was not working. The swimming pool, or someone that works there, called us 15 minutes before Joshua’s lessons were to begin and 15 minutes after Jonah’s … Continue reading

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