Wedding Time

We were able to attend a wedding this weekend and we are learning that in Cameroon weddings are very expensive, mainly because of the number of people that are needed to be fed and also it means that the bride price needs to be paid. A bride price is the amount that the bride’s family requires the groom to pay for the privilege of marrying their daughter, check out Genesis 29 and think of the 14 years Jacob had to pay for Rachel. Although they have been legally married for many years John has been working for many more years to be able to afford to have the wedding. To make this even more interesting cultural experience she is Catholic and he is a Baptist.

The bride has been working for us the last few months since our regular house help has been sick and she has been very excited since we were planning on attending. She had sampled a cake one time that DeAnna made and hinted that this would make a great wedding cake, so DeAnna became the official wedding cake baker for the wedding. They picked it up at 10am the day of the wedding and she had finished icing it 5 minutes before they arrived.

Wedding Cake designed by DeAnna Anderson

Bride and Groom arrive (only 30 minutes after the wedding was suppose to start)

Service started getting long and it was rather warm in the building

DeAnna with the bride and groom after the service for the "official" pictures

Notice that they have services in 3 different languages!

Is it time to eat yet?

No reception hall necessary, just line up chairs outside of your home

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2 Responses to Wedding Time

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    How exciting and what an honor to make the cake for the wedding. The boys don’t seem to be all that excited about weddings , but their day will come. Love to all of you.

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