Important dates

There are many important dates that I need to remember, some with a higher degree of importance. My wedding anniversary, family members birthdays, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day (almost forgot this one this year) and another date that has special meaning to me is today. February 22, 2004 I had just finished listening to a sermon that was going to have a greater impact on my life then I could have ever imagined at the time. My Bible had a section in the back for Notes that I do not normally use – normally I just write in the margins. But this day I had to write down the three points to Pastor Gary’s sermon.

  1. Get out of debt
  2. Get a passport
  3. Get ready to go

He had just gotten back from India and he was sharing his heart and the passion he had spilled out onto several of us there that day and a seed for missions was firmly planted. Seems simple but it would be another 2 years before I would even start on point number one after I wrote it down but once I finished step one step 2 and 3 came fast. As I think back 6 years ago I could not even begin to imagine learning another language and moving to a place I have never visited but God had another plan and writing down the 3 points was a way to help me remember what I knew I needed to do.

Is there anything that you have written down that you have wanted to do? What are you waiting for?

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1 Response to Important dates

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Writing them down is the first step. Having the courage and faith to follow through is the more difficult one. We praise God that you had both the courage and faith to follow through. We pray that we will show a measure of that faith as well.

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