It was a great week at Vacation Bible School for the boys at Swatara Church of God. We made it to PA from MO with 45 minutes to spare before the first night started. Our kids had a blast and they learned several new songs, had fun learning about Gideon, Shadrack, Meshack, Abednego, and many more and they made some new friends. They were all going to share the new songs with the congregation on Sunday morning. I was only able to record the first few seconds of the first song because Jonah looked like he was going to burst into tears at any second and I didn’t think it would be very kind of me to keep it rolling why he was crying, plus they might take away my World’s Greatest Dad T-shirt. He finally ran to his Papa who grabbed him from the front row and then he wanted his mommy. He shared with mommy in the bathroom that everyone was looking at him and he didn’t like that. They learned this week that God is unpredictable when they were learning about Gideon. So are 4 year olds on a stage in front of lots of people, the rest of the children did a great job singing the remaining songs.

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