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User Advocate

Customer support of the YouVersion Bible app is not the correct title for what I (David) do to help people engage with the Bible app. I am a user advocate, I want to help people engage with the Bible in … Continue reading

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Yambetta New Testament Dedication

Over the years, we’ve shared stories on our blog about Leo and the Yambetta translation work.  David had the privilege to work with Leo in the deployment of a BGAN satellite at Leo’s house. We are thrilled to share that … Continue reading

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What If?

I think at some time in our lives we ask ourselves what if questions.  What if I would have gone down that road instead of this one?  What would my life have been like if I were born in a … Continue reading

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Yesterday at church there was a woman visiting who was from Poland.  She doesn’t speak much English, yet she came to our suburban church to worship.  After the singing and announcements, Pastor Roger took his place to begin the message.  … Continue reading

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Renewed Fervor

Lately I’ve felt a renewed fervor in my role.  Sometimes when you work with many details and personnel issues, one can get a bit bogged down, however, lately I’m thankful that I’ve been seeing how privileged I am. I get … Continue reading

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Two and Five

Today marks the two and five year anniversaries of pivotal moments in our lives – two years ago on this day we boarded a plane and said goodbye to Cameroon.  Five years ago on this day, Jonah had a serious … Continue reading

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May is a month of celebration for us. We met in May of 1996. We married in May of 1999. We were accepted as Wycliffe members on our wedding anniversary in May of 2008. Lots of milestones are in the … Continue reading

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