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I’m losing my Marbles

I don’t understand the current fascination that has overtaken Joshua’s Elementary School. I thought the warmer weather would bring the soccer (football) out to the playground. But instead there is a much smaller ball that every child is carrying to … Continue reading

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La coulée verte

Today the boys woke up with what seemed to be more energy than normal, so after lunch we decided to start walking La coulée verte (walking trail that runs from Massy to Paris) and see how far we could get.  … Continue reading

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Cultural Differences

When Joshua was playing at the sandbox he was sharing his sand toys with another little French boy and they were both building roads for their pretend trucks to drive on. They were very intent on building the best sand … Continue reading

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Why did you take the picture?

The owner of the pizza shop was confused as he came out of the pizza store, Why? (In English the rest of his sentence was in French). We currently have our first out of town guest staying with us and … Continue reading

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Qui coupe le fromage? (Who cut the cheese?)

Today our school offered an extra-curricular activity of a French cheese tasting.  We had our own at home tasting shortly after arrival and weren’t impressed, so I thought now I might be more cultured. The chef conducting the tasting forewarned … Continue reading

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Jonah shared with me on the way to school that he knows what snow is made out of as it snowed on us on our walk to school this morning. So I had to ask, what is snow made out … Continue reading

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Answered Prayers

Today was a special day for me today as I sat in church. My prayers before church have been “Lord please open my ears that I may understand the French and hear the message that you have prepared for me” … Continue reading

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First Snow in Massy

Yesterday the snow began falling shortly before our morning walk to school in the morning but started snowing harder as our walk progressed. I don’t think school delays or closing exist since everyone walks to school. Jonah had fun on … Continue reading

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Knocking on the desk

Part of our language training includes having a chapel service in our class room where we are responsible for the music, prayer, scripture reading and meditation all in French. Other days of the week we meet as an entire school … Continue reading

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What time did you say?

We have been in France now for several months and have been blessed with a healthy family but yesterday Jonah starting showing some signs of illness that would require a visit to the doctor. We knew that there was a … Continue reading

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