Why did you take the picture?

The owner of the pizza shop was confused as he came out of the pizza store, Why? (In English the rest of his sentence was in French). We currently have our first out of town guest staying with us and she wanted to take a picture of a local pizza shop with scooter delivery vehicles. So after shopping at the nearby grocery store she snapped a picture of the store. We were about to be on our walk back home when the man in the pizza shop came outside and demanded an explanation on why a picture was taken.

Our guest wasn’t exactly sure what the man said so DeAnna explained why the picture was taken. He understood her French but he didn’t understand why anyone would want a picture of the pizza shop. So DeAnna tried to explain that pizza shop’s are different looking in the United States. Still confused, I think he decided that we were not out to copy his pizza store and decided to let us go.

I’m not really sure what caused the excitement with at the pizza shop but it’s a new way for us to practice our French. Walk around and take pictures and when someone asks you why, they have begun a conversation with you and you can practice your French and I’m sure they will be quick to correct you since they were quick to question your pictures – My guess this will only work outside of Paris.

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