Knocking on the desk

Part of our language training includes having a chapel service in our class room where we are responsible for the music, prayer, scripture reading and meditation all in French. Other days of the week we meet as an entire school and some of the advanced students give the meditation and once a week a local minister from Massy or Paris comes and gives the mediation. This week was my turn to share the mediation in our classroom.

Our first French language instructor that we had in the states advised us to begin reading the Bible in French to aid with learning French and I began 2 months ago trying to read a chapter a day in French. I was encouraged after several weeks of reading that there was a chapter I understood all the vocabulary and so Luke 11 was what I decided to share with our class. I felt this chapter was very relevant to learning a language but telling a story about a man knocking on the door in the middle of the night and the reaction of another man was just fun to act out (I was both the friend in the house and the man knocking).

When was the last time that you asked for something, searched for something, knocked on something? Jesus said and I know that God gives good gifts. I know that God helps the lost and opens the doors. But I also know that He aids me when I study my French and when I’m searching in my Bible He opens my eyes. But lately I have learned that knocking my head on the desk when I study God opens my mind to understand the French.

Merci Seigneur pour ton aides et pour la Parole de Vie et pour ouvre la porte.

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1 Response to Knocking on the desk

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    To say that I am proud of you would be such an understatement. To read of how you stand before a group and proclaim His name, in French or any other language, thrills my soul To watch as you love your wife and be a father to your children is such a gift. Jeanne and I are so proud of you and your family. Paul told Timothy to “preach the word, in season and out.” Know we are praying for you as you discover new ways to do that.

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