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The top 10 signs we have adapted to France

10. We rate cheese by strength and not just the smell. 9. People stop us on the street for directions and we can help them. 8.  We question when we are charged the wrong price for something. 7. We are … Continue reading

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Yes this is a feat that we thought we have mastered in French. But there were many things that we were unaware of since there are no signs and the only way you find this out is if you are … Continue reading

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Qui coupe le fromage? (Who cut the cheese?)

Today our school offered an extra-curricular activity of a French cheese tasting.  We had our own at home tasting shortly after arrival and weren’t impressed, so I thought now I might be more cultured. The chef conducting the tasting forewarned … Continue reading

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French cheese tasting

We are learning many things as we live in France. We knew that there were hundreds of different cheeses, so we have decided that we would purchase one or two different cheeses when we go to the store. We learned … Continue reading

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