First Snow in Massy

Snow FlakeYesterday the snow began falling shortly before our morning walk to school in the morning but started snowing harder as our walk progressed. I don’t think school delays or closing exist since everyone walks to school. Jonah had fun on my shoulders because as the snow fell on the top of my hood he was able to collect it and make Jonah sized snow balls to throw at his brother who was having fun trying to catch the snow in his mouth as it fell from the sky. When I dropped Jonah off at his school all his friends were excited to teach him the French word for snow, la neige. It’s always easier to learn when you have something cold and wet covering you to remember the word.

When I picked the boys up for lunch we attempted to make a snowman as we walked down the sidewalk and rolled a great big ball, it was a side street so there hadn’t been much foot traffic on this street. Unfortunately the snow wasn’t quite right for building the larger balls needed for snowman, I was hoping to leave a snowman standing at the bus stop – maybe the next snow. After lunch I dropped Joshua off and he was excited to get in the fence because they don’t stop recess because it’s snowing or there are a few inches of snow on the ground. All the kids were having a massive snowball fight.

On our way home after school Jonah asked if we could open presents now since it snowed. It gave me a chance to talk to ask the why do we celebrate Christmas; I was thankful they said Jesus. Then Joshua said but you can only eat the white snow not the yellow snow, because the yellow snow is for the dogs.

Snowball fight at Les Cedres on break (Thanks John!)

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2 Responses to First Snow in Massy

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Whether you are in France or the US, snow is just fun (unless you have to shovel a driveway by hand). Glad the boys are enjoying it. (Only you would consider building a snowman at a bus stop)

  2. Debora says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    I enjoy reading your updates!
    You sound like you are having a good time.

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