From the mouth of an MK (Missionary Kid)

Last night our family looked at pictures from the past 10 years.  One of the pictures was the home we sold in Pleasant Hill, MO.  Jonah looked at the picture and asked, “When do we get to go back to our home?”  Without skipping a beat, Joshua said, “First we live in France, then we live in Cameroon and when we go back to the United States, we will just have sleep over’s.”  Wow, from the mouth of an MK (Missionary Kid)

From the book “You know you’re an MK when….”

  1. You do your devotions in another language
  2. You sort your friends by continent
  3. “Where are you from?” has many reasonable answers
  4. You’d rather never say hello than have to say goodbye
  5. You’ve spoken in dozens of churches but aren’t a pastor
  6. You flew before you could walk
  7. The U.S. is a foreign country
  8. You watch a National Geographic special and recognize someone
  9. Your favorite Christmas presents are peanut butter and Kool-Aid
  10. You have a time zone map next to your telephone

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2 Responses to From the mouth of an MK (Missionary Kid)

  1. Michelle says:

    Awww….that’s sort of sweet and sad at the same time.

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    There’s a home in PA where you can always have a sleep-over!

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