Google in Sub-Saharan Africa

Google is always working to improve their Gmail which I have used for years and even forward my other email accounts to my Gmail account. Today, I read about another cool feature that was developed in Africa and they explain it on their Official Google Africa Blog in English or En Français! They sent engineers to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to sit in Internet cafes and determine what they could do to help people with slow internet connections, now I haven’t had a slow connection for at least a decade, but it’s good to be prepared so I turned on the Inbox preview so I can read my ten most recent messages while the rest of my email loads. If you’re not using Gmail you don’t need an invitation anymore and they give you over 7GB of online storage for free.

But even cooler then that I read that on Monday, Google just updated their African maps to include more details! I tried to check out street view in Cameroon but I don’t think the Google mobile has made it over there yet to drive around and take pictures of everything. I’m also pretty sure the eco-friendly green car they were using in Pleasant Hill Missouri would have a difficult time with some of the roads.

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