Cricket in the wall

Normally the chirp of a cricket doesn’t wake me up or bother me in the least, but last night I started noticing a chirp every few seconds that sounded like it was right beside the bed around 3 am. During the morning I was working on the computer and it was quiet in the house except for this chirp that seemed to be following me wherever I went.

CricketI thought it was coming from the garage so I searched everywhere and moved everything away from the wall and no cricket could be found. It was almost like he was taunting me saying Nah Nah Nah Nah you can’t find me.  So I gave up, put everything back, and came inside and the sound was even louder. So I got the hammer and starting hitting the wall lightly where the noise was coming from, because I was sure the vibration would cause the chipping to stop. It didn’t. So we decided that it was in the wall and if we removed the baseboard and some of the trim around the door to the garage we would be able to take care of this chirp.

After we had the trim off I could see part of the cricket and he was stuck between the drywall and the door. So after an attempted rescue to free him and take him back to the outdoors the screwdriver slipped and I punctured the cricket. So now the chirp is gone and the trim is back and the house is quiet again. Next time I’ll use a different tool to try and rescue the cricket. Joshua witnessed the rescue attempt and was very sad that the cricket died.

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2 Responses to Cricket in the wall

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Nice try – I’m sure the screwdriver slipped accidentally? Tell Joshua there are plenty of crickets in PA.

  2. A says:

    Be thankful it was not mice. They live a lot longer than a cricket :)…

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