Swimming Lessons

The boys swimming lessons were canceled last week because the pump at the pool was not working. The swimming pool, or someone that works there, called us 15 minutes before Joshua’s lessons were to begin and 15 minutes after Jonah’s had started and wondered why we weren’t there. I thought because, “they told us not to come,” was a pretty good excuse for not being there but I guess I didn’t read the small print when I signed up that we were supposed to be watching the pool on the other side of town for when it was fixed.

Happy SwimmerSo put away the crayons and grab the bathing suits it’s time to learn how to swim. Joshua thought this meant that we were going to take him to the deep end and throw him in and see what happened. He wanted us to blow up his water wings and put them on before we left the house. Jonah just cried because he didn’t want to go. This is from two little boys who want to go to the swimming pool all the time.

So we got there and waited, apparently everyone seemed to have the same excuse that they were called and told not to come. Jonah’s lessons were first and he started off good until one of the little girls started screaming which is contagious in 4 year olds in Pleasant Hill once one starts they all start. One of the seasoned instructors took the 2 sad little children and sang the children in the pool to the tune of the people on the bus go up and down and she was able to calm them down enough to get them to kick their legs and swim with the foam noodles, not really sure why they call it a noodle since there is no way that any type of sauce would make this edible.

Joshua going underJoshua was in the next class up and once he realized that he was able to touch the floor of the pool the anxiety about being thrown into the deep end left him. He had fun seeing who could make bigger splashes when they kicked. All five of the kids in his class seemed to enjoy splashing the instructor’s notebook. I would too if she left it so close to the edge of the pool. Hopefully we will make it on time tomorrow, especially since I’ve already used up the excuse someone called me and told me not to come. I guess I could try I didn’t think the water was wet enough to swim in.

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2 Responses to Swimming Lessons

  1. Pop Pop says:

    So glad the boys are learning to swim. They will have all the opportunity in the world when you arrive at Pop Pop’s. Can’t wait to see you all.

  2. nene says:

    Jonah looks so much like DeAnna in this picture. Only she is always smiling. Jonah why do you look sad. Pop-pop loves the pool you better get happy soon. Love you and miss you Nene See you soon

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