I thought I would try something new with the boys when we moved to help them with all the upcoming moves we have. I’m hopeful that this will help ease some of the stress and anxiety they have with relocating. I had them walk around to all the rooms with daddy and we said good-bye to each of the rooms. They really got into this and said good-bye to the closets and the kitchen sink and thanked them for holding our clothes and Jonah even tried to give the living room wall a hug. Then before we left we thanked God for allowing us to have a place to live and all the blessings that surrounded us as we lived there. We will miss our little duplex on Addie but we know that God has a different location for us and we will just continue to be thankful for where ever He allows us to lay our heads.

2219 Addie Dr Pleasant Hill MO

2219 Addie Dr Pleasant Hill MO

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  1. Pop Pop says:

    Tell Jonah he can give the walls a hug when he arrives at MacArthur Drive.

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