Building Bridges

Playing in the sandbox behind our apartment has become a great place for us to practice our French and also interact with our neighbors. It has also allowed us the opportunity to see how French parents interact with their children. Normally, 98% of the time, parents sit on the benches and allow their children to play on the jungle gym and in the sandbox while they watch from the benches. The other 2% of the time is when I’m playing or DeAnna is playing with the boys in the sandbox.

Today Joshua and Jonah were playing with their cars in the sand when a little boy came up and began playing with them. I moved to the sandbox to help them build a road and a bridge for their cars and the 3 boys had fun playing and destroying the tunnel and the bridge. I built it again and as you can imagine it didn’t take long before someone jumped on it and destroyed it.

I was STUNNED when the little boy’s dad came over to the sandbox and began digging the tunnels to create the bridge for the cars to go on and under. His little boy was beyond excited that his dad was playing with him in the sandbox, I don’t know how comfortable the dad was but all the kids were happy that somebody was playing and building bridges with them. I also learned a few new vocabulary words for playing in the sand.

I hope I don’t forget how much fun it can be to build bridges in the sand and how much the boys love it when I just play in the sand with them. The bridges might not go anywhere but they build memories they will last.

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1 Response to Building Bridges

  1. Pop-pop says:

    What a neat way to spend the day – in the saandbox with your boys. And building bridges – just like God built a bridge to himself for us through the cross of Calvary.

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