We are having warm weather and I’ve been hungry for Jello.

I haven’t found Jello in the grocery store, but I found Gelée au Madère.  There is a picture on the front of the box with things in a gelatin looking encasement, so I made the conclusion that this must be plain gelatin and I could add whatever flavor I wanted to it (never mind the picture shows vegetables in a gelatin loaf).  I’ve had the box of gelatin stuff for about a month waiting to find the right fruit to add.  Today at the grocery store I found a package of strawberry compote in the clearance section, so I thought, yes, I can use that to flavor my gelatin.

Tonight I decided to make the strawberry gelatin, with my mouth salivating, I opened the packet of gelatin and poured it in a bowl (I thought, wow that is a weird smell), oh well, I’m on a mission.  Next I added the boiling water and finally the strawberry compote with cold water.  I continued to smell the weird odor.  After mixing, I decided to lick the spoon….drum roll please…..yuck!  Where’s my water glass?  Asking myself, should I bite the lemon in my cup to get this taste out of my mouth? After pouring out the concoction, hanging my head in disappointment, and reading the list of ingredients; I came to the conclusion the gelatin was pork flavored.  Another lesson to add to my ever-growing life in France lesson book.

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5 Responses to Jello

  1. Matthew Monger says:

    “Riche en goût” sounds about right for pork flavored jello…just the wrong “goût”

  2. j says:

    I love the “prix choc” in the upper right. That phrase has never ceased to amuse me here in France. In this case it wasn’t just the price that was shocking.

  3. Pop-pop says:

    Never a dull moment. Perhaps you can find another substitute to quench your thirst in the hot weather. (You’ve heard about the well that never runs dry?)

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