Pharmacy Fun

This afternoon marked the day to look at filling our mountain of prescriptions so we can start the anti-malaria medicine next week.   After David returned home from school he took the boys to the park to play ball and I had the job of going to the pharmacy.  Since we had 8 pages of prescriptions, I wanted an estimate on cost before filling them.  When I walked into the pharmacy, I was directly behind the housing director of our school.  We had a brief conversation then were called to the next available counters.  I explained all in French that we are leaving soon, that I have many prescriptions and would like to have an estimate before filling all of them.  The pharmacy worker asked me to repeat what I wanted.  I repeated myself than she walked over to the pharmacist and asked the pharmacist to help me because I’m an Anglophone.  (it’s just like when others have English as a second language, the native speakers can automatically hear the accent)  The housing director of the school loudly said to the worker that I spoke in beautiful French to her and that there shouldn’t be any reason for her to need to get the pharmacist because I have an English accent.  I was surprised and flattered.  I did receive the estimate and had our mountain of prescriptions filled.  Tomorrow I need to return for the 3 that they didn’t have.

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3 Responses to Pharmacy Fun

  1. Alan says:

    Hey, we found out too late, but Wycliffe’s ins. considers Malarone a vaccination and will pay all of it. Its the best malaria drug out there. We found out about six months into our stay in Ghana.

  2. Alan says:

    They consider all malaria prophys a vaccine and will pay for them in full.

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