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Update on Jonah

Jonah had his follow-up appointment on August 29.  His bandages were removed and we saw for the first time the amputated left ring finger.  The pathology report confirmed that he had a bad bone infection instead of bone death due … Continue reading

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Miracles do happen

We are currently staying in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, so I get to read the Patriot News newspaper every morning, the physical paper not pennlive.com, the one I used to deliver on my bicycle a few decades ago. Today I was disappointed … Continue reading

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God’s Peace

Many of you read about Jonah’s hospital stay in Cameroon, and many of the visits we have had since the accident on May 31st when a portable basketball goal fell on his hand and caused severe trauma to two of … Continue reading

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Jonah’s Hand

Yesterday, Jonah had his follow up visit with the hand surgeon.  I (DeAnna) was worried going into the appointment because his operation ended with a need to wait and see how everything heals and I was also concerned about the … Continue reading

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Part II USA Jonah’s Hand

Unlike his surgery in Cameroon, Jonah couldn’t eat anything on the 15th and had to stop having fluids a few hours before surgery.  Jonah loves to eat and is always hungry so it was so difficult for him to not … Continue reading

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Part I USA Jonah’s Hand

We landed on Wednesday night, June 13th in Kansas City, MO.  Jonah had a scheduled appointment with a pediatric orthopedic hand surgeon on June 14th at a children’s hospital (Children’s Mercy).  The nurse who needed to remove the bandages could … Continue reading

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Hospital Part III

I (David) came back the next morning, I brought croissants and pain au chocolate and I made it to the hospital before the doctor did his morning rounds and he said that Jonah could go home this afternoon or maybe … Continue reading

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