Miracles do happen

We are currently staying in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, so I get to read the Patriot News newspaper every morning, the physical paper not pennlive.com, the one I used to deliver on my bicycle a few decades ago. Today I was disappointed at a response that Rabbi Marc Gellman gave to the question “Why does God not heal amputees?

He attempted to rationalize God. While I agree that God works within the laws of the universe that He created; He also created those laws so if He seeks to make a change to the laws He can. He is God. Yes I believe the Bible. I believe when Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.


God is good all the time and all the time God is good. God was good when the basketball rim fell over and crushed Jonah’s finger requiring surgery. God was good yesterday when Jonah had the amputation. It is sad that so many people seek to find rational explanations to how God works. Below are some of the miracles that I’ve seen since May 31st the day of his accident.

  1. There was a surgeon available to treat Jonah at the hospital we went to in Cameroon especially since he only does surgery on Thursday and the accident happened on a Thursday
  2. The Cameroonian surgeon was trained in Germany.
  3. He spoke some English and was able to help calm Jonah down.
  4. The police closed the road back to the hospital right after I drove through the checkpoint.
  5. There was no infection from the surgery in Cameroon.
  6. We were able to see a specialist the day after we arrived in the States and have surgery the next day.
  7. Children’s Mercy Hospital helped us financially.
  8. Two different doctors in different states from different hospitals worked together to determine what would be best for Jonah.
  9. There was no adverse reaction to any of the surgeries.
  10. He has had very little pain.

I could go on but I just want to close with miracles do happen every day and we should be thankful and not try to rationalize what God does. I guess that would make me an Optimistic Jesus Freak and not a religious rationalist. I challenge you to strive for the first over the latter.

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3 Responses to Miracles do happen

  1. Pop-pop says:


  2. Ann Keckler says:

    Beautifully said! Thank you…

  3. barbara r says:

    He has added such weight to your testimony of His goodness through this heart-rending trial. We are praying for your whole family, that God’s grace and goodness will continue to carry you through. -us5

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