Part II USA Jonah’s Hand

Unlike his surgery in Cameroon, Jonah couldn’t eat anything on the 15th and had to stop having fluids a few hours before surgery.  Jonah loves to eat and is always hungry so it was so difficult for him to not have food.  He made us promise him that after surgery we would purchase him a happy meal.  We did promise him, however, we couldn’t make good on the promise until the 16th.

His surgery was scheduled for 3:15pm, however, due to the heavy load of little ones needing surgery  (83 surgeries) and the helicopter bringing in children continually, Jonah didn’t have his surgery start until 6:40pm.  Once the surgeon opened the ring finger, she discovered there was much more damage than she anticipated.  The top joint and bone didn’t have any soft tissue for connection to the middle bone.  She consulted us via phone from the operating room explaining the options of repair.  It’s so hard to make those kinds of decisions.  We put our trust in the surgeon and went with the option that she thought was best – bone fusion.  She needed to do a lot of cleaning of tissue in the finger and on the external part of the hand as well.  She needed to do much repair.  Currently the ring finger is pinned at the fusion and at the knuckle.  He has a full cast and praise the Lord that his pain has been manageable!

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4 Responses to Part II USA Jonah’s Hand

  1. Pop-pop says:

    We continue to pray that GOd will heal Jonah’s hand, and that the fusion in the finger is just a picture of the way we are fused to God.

  2. Tommy Ryan says:

    What actually happened to his hand?

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