Update on Jonah

Jonah had his follow-up appointment on August 29.  His bandages were removed and we saw for the first time the amputated left ring finger.  The pathology report confirmed that he had a bad bone infection instead of bone death due to lack of blood supply.  The surgeon shared that Jonah’s report also showed germs that the lab at Hershey Medical Center had never seen before, we are calling those Cameroonian cooties.  The surgeon reassured us that we made the right decision based on what he saw when he was operating and what the pathology report revealed. Since he had pins in his finger after his surgery on June 15th and one pin penetrated the remaining bone in the finger, we need to be watchful that the infection didn’t gain a foothold in the pin hole in the remaining bone.  Jonah will go back to the surgeon for a check-up in one month.  In the meantime, he will begin therapy once the stitches are dissolved.

Please pray that all the infection has been removed from his body.  Please pray that the healing of the finger where the stitches are will be quick.  Please pray for the thin skin that covers the tip of the finger to toughen up and become thicker.

We included a photo of Jonah the day of his surgery (August 16), we aren’t in a place yet where we are ready to share photos of his left hand after surgery.

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1 Response to Update on Jonah

  1. Mom says:

    Love you, Jonah. Praying for complete healing and full recovery, especially from infection. Love you, too, Joshua. MawMaw

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