Hospital Part III

I (David) came back the next morning, I brought croissants and pain au chocolate and I made it to the hospital before the doctor did his morning rounds and he said that Jonah could go home this afternoon or maybe tomorrow. Well, I was going to push for today. He gave us an order for an x-ray so we did the process again, this time there wasn’t a nurse trying to rush us through the line so I waited like everyone else.

We finally were able to get the x-ray and brought it back to the room, and waited and waited…

Lunch had come and gone and we still had not seen anyone so I went to the nurse’s desk and asked if we were going to be released soon. The nurse asked me, “Are you leaving today?” and I said “Yes!” She said, OK I’ll start the paperwork. Another hour had gone by and I went and asked how the paperwork was going. She told me I needed to go down to billing window to see if our bill was ready.

Once I found the right line I waited for about 15 minutes and the person handed me a piece of paper, then I had to go to another window to pay. After I paid I had to find another person who could give me a pink piece of paper that said I had paid me bill and he stamped the bill. Then I went back up to the nurses’ station they stamped the bill again and we were finally able to leave.

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2 Responses to Hospital Part III

  1. Mark says:

    I can only hope that things are going really well at this point in time but I’m on the edge my seat to hear, my friends.
    Praying for you,

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