Jonah’s Hand

Yesterday, Jonah had his follow up visit with the hand surgeon.  I (DeAnna) was worried going into the appointment because his operation ended with a need to wait and see how everything heals and I was also concerned about the coloring of his ring finger.

When the cast and wrapping were removed, his fingers looked great compared to how they looked when we arrived in the USA.  His surgeon was pleased with how they looked and how the x-rays looked.  The pins in his finger were removed and now he sports a red waterproof cast!!!!  Wonderful answered prayers!!!!


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3 Responses to Jonah’s Hand

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Yea God! Answered prayers for sure. And I am certain Jonah is happy he can get that cast wet!

  2. Ann Keckler says:

    I still say “OUCH”. He is certainly one brave little guy!!! Yay God….

  3. Charlene Ayotte says:

    I could not have imaged the extent of his injury. You are all so brave. I thank God for the grace and peace that he has granted you all. Hugs, Charlene

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