Renewed Fervor

Lately I’ve felt a renewed fervor in my role.  Sometimes when you work with many details and personnel issues, one can get a bit bogged down, however, lately I’m thankful that I’ve been seeing how privileged I am.

I get the privilege to get to know the individuals and families I work with.  I get to know the many things going on in their lives personally and professionally.  The ones I work with are called to their various ministries.  How incredible that those I serve go out of their comfort zones and go to the ends of the Earth to reach others.  Myself and those I serve are all operating under the same passion – getting God’s Word to those who don’t have it in their own language.

Those I work with are scattered throughout 13 countries.  Eight are translating the Bible into the language of those they serve.  One is helping with literacy so when there is a written Bible, those that speak that language can read it.  Four are working to educate children who are in the various countries with their families.  Two are working in administrative roles.  Two are working in IT roles and one is working in a health care role.  The impact is incredible and I get a front row seat – how awesome!

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1 Response to Renewed Fervor

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Perspective is everything. When we understand we are working for something so much greater than ourselves, it does renew our passion. May the Lord continue to give you that perspective as you serve Him in your current position.

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