Four Decades

Well, I’m officially 40 years old!  To some of you it’s a surprise that I’m only 40, with my skunk hair and all.

I had this big idea that I would come up with 40 tidbits (words of wisdom) for this blog, but that fizzled out.

I had a great day turning 40 in the Rocky Mountains, the only other setting that I could think of that would be equally beautiful would be the beach.  I feel like the mountains were a great place since I’m at the top of the mountain “hill”, maybe I’ll go to the beach for my 50th when I’m “over the hill”.

David and I don’t exchange gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc….  We give one another a card, but that’s it.  I was surprised that he ordered cupcakes in advance from a local grocery store in Estes Park.  He purchased decorations, spoke to those in charge of the family camp, etc… to make it a special day for me.  He even purchased me a sash to wear that he insisted I wear all around the camp.  Thank you honey for making it special!

We were on vacation with our church for family camp at the YMCA in Estes Park, CO next to Rocky Mountain National Park.

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2 Responses to Four Decades

  1. Happy Birthday, DeAnna! And, well done, David!

  2. MawMaw says:

    DeAnna you look like Miss USA in your sash! You rock 40 very well! Love you up the hill, over the hill and all the valleys in between!

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