Wycliffe World Day of Prayer 2010

Wycliffe Global Day of Prayer 2010

Today is the Wycliffe global day of prayer. If you are curious why every November 11th Wycliffe sets this day aside for prayer you can read about it here. So far today I’ve been able to pray and listen to prayers in over a dozen languages. We were able to worship in song in several languages as well. I was able to listen to scriptures being read by translators in their mother tongues. Today in over 50 countries around the world there are over 10,000 people that are praying for over 1,800+ prayer requests related to Bible Translation that have been sent in over the last few weeks as they have prepared for this day.

Here are just a few of the prayer requests and praises from Cameroon:

CAMEROON ‐ HEARING SCRIPTURE, CHANGING LIVES: The Bana NT was published several years ago but not used in churches where another dialect was spoken. Then some of the believers heard the audio NT. Lives were changed, resistance melted, and churches were revived! In December, 6,147 people were listening to the recordings and discussing them every week. Eighty more solar players are expected this month; pray that more listening groups will be started. Now the whole community wants the OT too!

CAMEROON ‐ CONSULTATION ACROSS THE MILES: The team working on the Karang New Testament is receiving consultant help by e‐mail from the USA. Pray for good internet connections so that this arrangement will work efficiently. Pray for wisdom and perseverance for this team and that their work will result in a clear and understandable text.

CAMEROON ‐ THE IMPACT OF SCRIPTURE: Pius, one of the Chrambo Bible translators, said that people in his church were very excited to hear a recording of the Easter story. One week after receiving a copy of Luke 22 in print, one person recited all 71 verses from memory. Pray that God’s word will make the journey from the head to the heart among all the Chrambo people.

Click here to read all the requests from Africa! Please join with me today in prayer.

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2 Responses to Wycliffe World Day of Prayer 2010

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    We are praying that God will use you in Yaounde, and as a result of the work you are doing, many lives will turn to Jesus.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Wow! Memorizing 71 verses within a week of reading Luke 22! What a reaction to finally having the Word–committing it to head & heart!

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