Village Visit

Several weeks ago I wrote about a technology that was helping to change the pace of Bible Translation. This week the initial testing of a similar technology took place in Cameroon.

I was the driver for the visits to the two different locations and also was the translator from English to French for the project administrator that came from the United States with a borrowed BGAN satellite. We drove the 120km to the first location and then another 35km to the second location and we were able to get internet connectivity in both locations. Below are some pictures from the visit. We are now waiting for the final evaluation from the team in the US to determine which technology will work best with these sites and then implement it in the upcoming months.

cameroon_eval 027What is the first thing that you search for on google when you first have internet at your office in Ombessa for the first time?

He googled himself!



cameroon_eval 051

Here is the view from the back seat of the truck that we were driving in as we drove to the translator’s house where he works from in Kon-Yambetta.



cameroon_eval 062

Sometimes you might have to climb a tree to see what the solar panels on the roof of the house look like.




cameroon_eval 078

Sometimes there are small distractions that pop up on the monitor or in this case crawl up on the monitor.




cameroon_eval 080 The BGAN device is on the bench and is smaller than a laptop computer and is capable of running off a battery.




cameroon_eval 085

This is the office where Leonard has been working on the translation for over 25 years.




cameroon_eval 086

This bookcase was a gift from The Seed Company (an organization within the Wycliffe family) before they gave him this book shelf all of his documentation and books related to the 20+ years of translation sat on the floor of his office.





cameroon_eval 098

I asked him why he kept his monkey tied up to his house. Because if I don’t he will eat all of the food inside.




cameroon_eval 102

Group shot in front of his house/office.

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6 Responses to Village Visit

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    That is so cool. Thanks for the pictures. It certainly gives us more to pray for.

  2. Carolyn says:

    David, I enjoyed the story and photos…and was especially joyful to see you in a couple of them!

  3. Jonah told us in class that you had to go to a village to “fix computers”. Now I have a better idea what you were up to. I’ll be new technology is much appreciated.

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