Employment through Bagels

A few weeks after arriving in Yaoundé, we found a woman, Helene, who makes bagels and English muffins to sell.  You place an order 2 weeks in advance and she delivers homemade bagels and/or English muffins to your door.  (Most businesses here run like that and are word of mouth)  No one goes anywhere during a downpour and several weeks ago she was caught in a downpour upon delivery at our house.  She came in, sat down and we chatted.  She explained her previous employer of 10 years left the country and she was in desperate need of steady work, because the bagel and English muffin business was only a side business.   Last week a woman who works at the school placed a special order with Helene and the delivery was going to take place at our house.  Helene arrived and there was some miscommunication with the order and an extra dozen bagels were here.  Helene was very upset explaining she couldn’t be out the cost of the order.  DeAnna purchased the bagels and walked over to a newly arrived family and gave them the bagels and explained who to order them from if they would like more.  Well, they liked the bagels and made the call to order more and somehow got into a conversation with her and ended up hiring her to help them around their home.

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3 Responses to Employment through Bagels

  1. barbara says:

    what a great ‘rest of the story!’ we buy tortillas that way here – delicious wheat tortillas that are way better than any store bought variety back in the US. And it’s a joy knowing that it’s providing income for someone who really needs it!

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    That is so cool. Isn’t it amazing how God uses us in so many different ways to share His love? He is certainly using you.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Yay DeAnna for connecting people! Thanks, David & DeAnna, for sharing this experience so we can rejoice with you. Love, Mom

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