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Calm and Stress Free

We saw this billboard on the side of the road during our daytrip and found it interesting how the bank was advertising a calm and stress free retirement, yet it also had the MasterCard and Visa emblems.  We are big … Continue reading

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Funny Money

Living in a different country requires you to adjust to differences that you are not accustomed to. One of those differences is money. It took some time to get used to the various denominations and coins when we were in … Continue reading

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Car Sale

The silver bullet is now serving with the US Postal Service, so much for taking all the gas guzzling used cars off the road. Sunday night the car went on craigslist around 5pm and was sold a little after 9pm. … Continue reading

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Pass it on

My wife and I are huge Dave Ramsey fans, the Christian financial counselor, he helped us to get on track with our finances, get out of debt, improve the communication between me and DeAnna, stick to a written budget and … Continue reading

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Town Hall for Hope

In July 2006 DeAnna introduced me to Dave Ramsey on the way to the airport and after buying The Total Money Makeover and applying those principles with gazelle like intensity we were able to get out of debt in 15 … Continue reading

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