Town Hall for Hope

In July 2006 DeAnna introduced me to Dave Ramsey on the way to the airport and after buying The Total Money Makeover and applying those principles with gazelle like intensity we were able to get out of debt in 15 months and be prepared for what God had planned for us in our lives. It was October 2007 that we first starting looking at Wycliffe and one of the first questions they asked us was, if there was any debt in our lives? We were able to share with the recruiter what we had done to pay off the $38,000.

Tonight was the Town Hall for Hope event with Dave Ramsey and I was able to attend a live simulcast with over 1,000,000 others who wanted to hear what Dave had to say about the economy and I just wanted to share his 3 main points for those who were unable to attend.

Get up and Take ActionYou are the cure, America. No one else is going to solve your problems for you-that’s your job! Find out how you can take control of your money, turn back the fear in your community, and hold your representatives accountable for the decisions they’re making on your behalf.

Stop Listening To Loser Talk We’re sick and tired of the “loser talk” that has permeated the media, the water cooler and the internet. Stop listening to the garbage, and start speaking a word of hope!

Start Giving

Learning how to give-whether it’s money, time or support-changes your whole mindset. Dave says it pretty clearly: “We can’t win if we can’t give.” If you want to win with money and change the nation, you’ve got to learn how to give again.


But above all the most important thing that he said tonight was that Hope comes from God alone, and the only way to truly have hope is to Place your hope in the nail scarred hands of Jesus Christ.

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