As I was shoveling snow and trying to chip at the underlying ice, I came across some footprints left in the snow by a bird.  I like seeing undisturbed tracks like the birds or like our cat’s pawprints in the snow.  My mind began wandering about tracks.  According to Webster, a track is a mark left on the ground, a path or trail and we use the term in many other ways as well.  I began thinking of the contrast between January weather in Cameroon to weather in Missouri.  I’m shoveling snow, however, in Cameroon it’s hot and very dry right now.  The pictures below show the difference.

bird tracks

dusty footprintsEven if I think I’m not leaving a track behind, I am.  Sometimes it’s visible if it’s dusty, muddy or snowy and sometimes it’s not as visible; however, it’s still there.  I know I’ve left tracks that have offended others or hurt others feelings.  I also know I’ve left tracks of showing love and tenderness.  We all leave tracks and we have to decide in each moment of each day what those tracks will leave behind.  I’m reminded of a children’s song, Oh Be Careful.

Oh Be Careful little eyes what you see,

Oh Be Careful little mouth what you say,

Oh Be Careful little hands what you do,

Oh Be Careful little feet where you go,

Oh Be Careful little mind what you think,

Oh Be Careful little ears what you hear.

I need to choose wisely in each moment if my tracks will be encouraging to others or just leave a foul skidmark.

pawprintsworn footpath

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2 Responses to Tracks

  1. Pop-pop says:

    How very true – our lives leave tracks. May they be tracks of love and grace because we have been recipients of the love and grace of our heavenly Father. Thanks for the reminder that we do leave tracks.

  2. MawMaw says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love you.

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