Double Edged Sword

David’s been volunteering as user advocate for the You Version Bible App.  When people have issues arise while using the app if they are using an Android device, can send in their questions, comments or complaints and David will try his best to answer, fix or help.  He shares some funny stories, some sad stories and some stories that just bring tears to our eyes.  In Cameroon we were able to witness communities receiving God’s Word for the first time in their heart language.  We have been privileged to be called to support Bible translation in serving with Wycliffe.  We are excited about continuing to support Bible translation in serving with Wycliffe from the USA.  It’s amazing that David gets to be part of supporting Bible Engagement through volunteering with You Version.

Photo by Rodney Ballard - Nairobi, Kenya

Photo by Rodney Ballard – Nairobi, Kenya

Recently he received a support issue from a man who is trying to read the Bible in his heart language of Tigrinya. This language is spoken by 4.3 million people in Ethiopia and 2.5 million people in Eritrea.

The user asked, “I would like to ask if you could add my language into the list of your app. It is called Tigrinya. It is very similar to Amharic. May the Lord Jesus bless you.”

David searched and saw that the language was not currently available in the YouVersion app, it was not one of the 909 languages currently available. He then checked the Ethnolougue website to see if the language possibly went by another name. Finally he checked the app by Faith Comes by Hearing since they currently have 1,167 languages available and saw that it was available there. So he shared that with this user, trying to help him gain access to God’s Word in his heart language. The user wrote back the following:

Hi David,
I would like to thank you for your quick response. I have checked app before and I found your version more accessible, easy to use and also just to let you know, I came to Christ by hearing the word of God from you version app. The Amharic Language is already on you version and they use the same alphabets like us. So I am sure the mobile operating system supports it. I sometimes try to use Amharic bible on you version but it is very difficult to understand the meaning. Regarding the translations, I am afraid to say this but I know no one who can help on that.

Thank you in advance

The people who speak the Tigrinya language have had the Bible since 1956 but access to God’s Word in a language they can understand even with all the advances in technology in a format that they can use is still a struggle. This user shared I am afraid to say this but I know no one who can help. Well, we are here to help not only him but the many others around the world to have and engage with the Word of God and allow God to speak directly to them in a language they can understand. We want to end Bible Poverty in this generation.

John Piper has a video out that includes the following:

God wrote a book.

That reality blows me away every time I stop to think about it. Pages and pages of God. His thoughts, His words, His heart. Right there, just a few inches away.

I can carry it with me wherever I go. Read it whenever I want.

When we open the Bible, what do we see? We see God Himself in this book. 

Reading the Bible is one of the most important things we can ever do. It’s more valuable than anything we own, sweeter than anything we have ever eaten. It is literally more important than breathing.

Not everyone can carry a Bible that they can understand.

Not everyone can read it whenever they want

Not everyone has access to God’s Word in their language.

Do you want to join us to help end Bible Poverty?

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4 Responses to Double Edged Sword

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Knowing someone found eternal life through Youversion makes it all worthwhile. Thank you for sharing your gift that others may know the wonderful love of Jesus. And thanks for sharing this story. It brings tears to my eyes, and gratitude to my heart for two reasons: first, because I have God’s story in my heart language, and second, because hyou are helping people have God’s story in theirs.

  2. Lisa says:

    This is such a perfect little story to sum up what you guys do! So thankful for your faithful service in bringing others into a saving knowledge of Jesus through His Word. 🙂

  3. MawMaw says:

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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